The Yari foundation constantly tries to better itself, here we share with you some of the research regarding the methods we use to deliver your help to the children.

    Cash based transfers and why we choose to use it

    For Sara the monthly cash transfers from Yari has meant she can stay in school, have the opportunity to graduate and have a shot at a brighter future. For many families similar to the one of Sara’s, paying school fees, books, uniforms or pay for transport is just to great to bare and they have no other choice than to take their children out of school.

    Yari provides 22 USD/child every month to cover school fees and associated costs such as supplies, transport etc. Cash Based Transfers (CBT) like these are used widely in the humanitarian and development sector and can be used for various purposes such as increasing food security, providing access to health services or education. It provides a safety net when the social safety net system in the countries fails to meet the needs.

    In the right context CBT has proven to be the most efficient and effective way of providing support. Several factors play a role to whether CBT is appropriate or not, the main factors being functioning markets and banking systems[1].

    For Yari’s programmes CBT enables access to education by removing the financial barriers[2]. It empowers families receiving support by providing them with the opportunity to decide how and when to spend the increased income it also it injects money into the local markets. CBT is the encouraged modality to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in a more efficient manner as outlined in the Grand Bargain.[3]

    In the context of Iran a middle income country and where Yaris is implementing its programmes there are schools, educated teachers as well as supplies available and it only comes down to the lack of financial means, which prohibits children to access school, which Yari can help solve through these CBT.

    Yari has put an element of condition on its CBT, meaning we require attendance sheets for the families to be able to continuing getting our support. This conditionality ensures that Yari is fulfilling its mission as well as providing an incentive for parents to keep their children in school.



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