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    Our mission

    Yari’s mission is to provide socially and economically marginalized children in Iran with an opportunity to graduate and break the poverty cycle. We are currently scaling up, from supporting 500 - 5000 children within a five year period, aiming to be the largest charity of its kind to operate in Iran.

    Give An Amount Of Your Choosing, Give an amount of your choosing, your donation helps our children to grow.


    Fund An Entire Education In One Go For A Child, Ensuring Their Future.


    Our Core Principles of Operation

    100% to the children!

    One of Yari core principles is that 100% of the publics donations shall go the children to help them to an education and a way out of poverty, Yaris administrativ costs are supported by a group of private donors, foundations and sponsors.

    Transparent organization

    We strongly believe that our work should be totally transparent, therefore all of our finances and process are made available, you can even join our board meetings and listen in, the more you are engaged the happier we are.

    Data driven decision

    Data ties everything together and drives decisions. One of Yari’s pillars is our ability to see our work imprinted in our data all the time, from our members, payments from our sponsors and members to individual grades of the students under our care.

    Distribution over Academic Years

    Yaris 461 supported children are of all ages, above you can see the distribution of the children over academic year group.
    Dabestan (1-6)44%
    Rahnamai (7-9)31%
    Dabirestan (10-12)25%

    Distribution over gender

    The risks to young girls without education are typically higher in rural areas, therefore Yari actively supports more girls than boys in our work. Above you can see the gender distribution of the children enrolled in our program.

    Number of children currently supported by Yari

    Number of children graduating this period

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